Haldimand Province

This map seeks to outline the territory of the Haldimand Tract (‘Province”) as set out in the acquisition of territory by the Haldimand Proclamation of 1784 and the recent struggles to fight off the alien occupying forces government, known collaborators and land developers planning to profit on stolen lands and airspace. The interactive map divides the Province into smaller tracts based upon the history of land theft orchestrated by the colonial state.

Tsi iotón:niate Atia’tánha (Along the Land Belt)

The expression ‘acquisition of territory’ is usually employed as meaning the establishment of sovereignty over a given piece of land. Well-known UN Security Council resolutions refer to ‘acquisition of territory’ in this manner, notably Resolution 242 (1967). The expression, however, requires some precision. First, strictly speaking, ‘territory’ as a term of art comprises not only emerged land, but also airspace, the territorial sea, and internal waters.

Óse Kanhionhata:tie (Willow River, Grand River)

In line with the international rules of engagement, which dictate that every state has complete and exclusive sovereignty over airspace above its territories.

Deeply indignant at the continued occupation of part of the territory of Haldimand Province by the alien and invalid residents of the racist regime of Canada and the persistent, hostile and unprovoked acts of aggression and sustained armed invasions committed by the regime, which violate the sovereignty, airspace and territorial integrity of Grand River Country and Province.

Flying drones within our airspace is done under a claim of right to peaceable possession of the Haldimand Province under operation of special treaty known as the Haldimand Pledge and Proclamation. FourtyBee is empowered by the Grand River Country National Liberation Movement.

We fly drones!


Pro Tip: Click on colored sections to activate a flyout to read additional information about the invalid usage of the Province.